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Paddy Malone's Weekly Specials


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Looking for a thrilling night out? Join us for Chase the Ace Night at Joondalup! Every Tuesday, we turn up the excitement with a chance to win a fantastic cash prize. The rules are simple: get a ticket with each drink or food item purchased, and if your number is drawn, you get to pick a card. Find the ace of spades and you’ll take home the cash jackpot! Book a table and plan your next visit to Paddy Malones. 

While you’re here, don’t miss out on our amazing burger deal—all burgers are just $19.50 AUD! Whether you’re craving a classic cheeseburger, a chicken delight, or a steak sandwich, we’ve got something to satisfy your taste buds. Bring your friends, enjoy great food, and feel the rush of possibly winning big. Chase the Ace Night at Joondalup is the perfect blend of fun, food, and fortune!

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The game is simple, get a ticket for each drink or food item purchased. At 8PM, a ticket is drawn and if the chosen participant picks the ace of spades from the remaining cards, they win the jackpot prize!

How Does Our Chase The Ace Work?

The jackpot prize for Chase the Ace Night starts at a specified amount and increases each week until someone draws the ace of spades. Once the ace of spades is drawn, the jackpot resets to the starting amount for the next round.

What's The Prize in Chase The Ace?

To participate in Chase the Ace Night, you need to purchase tickets, gifted through buying either a drink or item of food. The proceeds from ticket sales contribute to the jackpot prize.

How Much Do Tickets Cost On The Day?