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karaoke night in joondalup
Paddy Malone's Weekly Specials


paddy malones irish pub staff

Looking for the perfect way to start your weekend early? Come to our Thursday Karaoke Night at Joondalup! Hosted by a lively MC, the night is all about singing your heart out and having a blast. Whether you’re a shower singer or a seasoned performer, our stage is ready for you. With an extensive song list and an enthusiastic crowd, it’s the best place to let loose and showcase your vocal talents.


And it gets even better! Enjoy our special offer of delicious ribs or rump steak for just $19.50 AUD. Indulge in tender, flavorful dishes that are the perfect accompaniment to an evening of music and fun. Bring your friends, grab the mic, and make it a night to remember. Thursday Karaoke Night at Joondalup is where great food and fantastic entertainment come together!